How SHAPE Reader Sara Morrisroe Lost 78 Pounds

It can work for you too!
Marathon Training
Lose Weight Together
Marathon Training Schedule
Workout Gear
Stay Hydrated
Healthy Diet Tips

I Ran Off 78 Pounds—For Good!

I get a rush from running
Weight Loss Success Story: How Sara Morrisroe Lost 78 Pounds

Sara’s Challenge

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Cover Model Molly Sims Hosts SHAPE’s Facebook Page—Today!

Molly Sims takes over our Facebook page and answers your questions
Molly Sims Hosts SHAPE’s Facebook Page

Molly Sims shared so many amazing workout, diet, and healthy living tips we couldn’t fit them all into our January issue. That’s why we asked her to host our Facebook page. She’ll share more of the workout tips that help sculpt her supermodel physique and the diet tricks she uses to stay on track. Plus, she’ll be answering your questions.

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7 Symptoms You Should Never Ignore

These common complaints may signal a serious health problem.
Sleep Problems
Vaginal Discharge
Tooth and Facial Pain
Acid Reflux

7 Women Who Kept Their Weight-Loss Resolutions

Secrets to success from real women who pledged to trim down in 2011 (and did)!
Rebecca Regnier
Paula Vu
Erika Kendall
Beth Klein
Roni Noone
Viridiana Oregel
Emily Sandford