50/50 Chance You or A Loved One
Will Get This Disease…

There is one disease that will tell you for sure how good or bad your health really is!

There’s no fudging: if it strikes, you’re in trouble and it’s telling you that your health is close to ruins. It certainly is a wake up call.

I can tell you that many people have been thankful for that wake up call. It scared the s**t out of them at the time but as a result, he or she got back on track and fixed issues that had been left unhandled for years… and recovered as a result.

People have even been thankful to get this disease, for that very reason (OK… not many but you get my point).

It’s a disease that many blame on genes, and doctors like to give out that story because it’s easy for them, there’s nothing you can do about genes (they say—not true), and all they have to do is push out the awful treatment that doesn’t work anyway.

Can you guess what I’m talking about? I suppose so…


Cancer is not necessarily a death sentence but it is a wake up call, telling you that you need to act. How you survive depends on what you do and just leaving it to oncologists is about the dumbest possible choice! They get paid the same money, whether you live or die; so they have no real interest in the outcome, whatever they pretend.

But you sure as heck do. The outcome is very important to you. And make no mistake—I am writing this to you because, sooner or later, you are going to be facing cancer.

The odds are terrible: 50/50 in rough terms, that the “Big C” will come into your home. That’s why I tell everybody we are all battling cancer. It’s a pretty shocking message but then, it’s a pretty shocking knee-trembling diagnosis when it comes.

To help you grasp this disease process better and learn all the many options before trouble strikes, I have compiled a book of cancer cures that work and those which don’t. You need to read it NOW, not when you are frightened out of your wits by an unsympathetic oncologist.

I repeat: you are or loved one will get this disease at sometime. That’s what I mean by 50/50 odds.

Click here to start fighting back against the big “C”, NOW!

To You & Your Families Health,

Prof. Keith Scott-Mumby

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